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In Contacts you will find connections to all different businesses around the Bulkley Valley servicing music such as Rayco Resophonics, Mountain Eagle Books and rental and repair contacts for violin, guitar, bass, banjo and other instruments.

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The Store has links for purchasing and listening to songs from the original Friends Like You album, both recordings of Hungry Hill and the DVD’s from Learn Roots Music including 3 Part Harmony Singing.  There are also links to other available recordings.

It’s a colourful journey.  Hillbilly Scrabble, Hungry Hill, Colorado with Dark Horse, Taiwan with the Australians, Texas, South Plains College, Europe, US Military bases through Korea, Okinawa,Guam and the Marshall Islands, movies, documentaries, the Driftwood Canyon Family Band, Just For Fun and The 3D Project.  There were so many great festivals, concerts, workshops, recordings and tours.  Many great friends and moments, many more to come.



Listen to Original Songs

The River, Mother Nature and MeHome_files/The%20River,%20Mother%20Nature%20and%20Me.mp3
Friends Like YouHome_files/03%20Friends%20Like%20You%201.mp3
Mountain GirlHome_files/02%20Mountain%20Girl.mp3
Crooked Log CabinHome_files/05%20Crooked%20Log%20Cabin.mp3
Shining MomentsHome_files/10%20Shining%20Moments%201.mp3
One Way TrackHome_files/01%20One%20Way%20Track.mp3
Send Down An AngelHome_files/08%20Send%20Down%20an%20Angel.mp3
Going HomeHome_files/Going%20Home.mp3