Oct 21 until Dec 2 WEDNESDAYS

$60 per course of 6 classes is $10 per class!

Attend live and/or download the recorded lessons. Time Zone: Pacific (Vancouver)

12pm  Singing Basics   |   2pm Bluegrass by Ear   |   4pm  Harmony  |   6pm  Easy Jam


*Join live to chat and ask questions in Q&A. The next day all registrants, whether you attended live or not, will receive a link so you can download the course at your own convenience. Pacific Time Zone.

**If you have troubles registering on paypal please email me at

rootsmusiclessons@gmail.com to set up etransfer.  You may register any time before NOV 25!

1.What happens if I can’t attend a webinar class?

No worries! The following day all registrants will receive an email link to download the recording of the class.
You can attend as many live as you like.

2. How do I access the recordings of the classes?

Zoom hosts the recordings. The day after the class I will send out a link for you to download the class on to multiple devices.  Access to download ends Dec 31 2020.

3. Is there a deal if I buy all 4 courses?
Please consider $10 per class a deal :) At this time zoom does not have an option to sell packages.

4. Do I need Zoom to attend the workshop?
It is better if you use the zoom app but browser based feed is available.
You may also phone in and listen to the class on telephone.

5. Do I need to use zoom to watch recordings?
No, it is set up so you can open download recording links from a browser.

6. Will I be on video or microphone?
You will have the option to have your video on but the mics will be muted.  We will be using Q&A and chat.


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Love that lush bluegrass harmony sound? Learn how to craft harmony lines for duet, three and four-part harmony singing in the style of bluegrass.  Each week we will warm up together, do a Q&A and learn harmony lines for the song studied in the Bluegrass by Ear.

BLUEGRASS BY EAR | All instruments welcome!

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Play along at home with your instrument of choice, as we go through the process of learning a new song each week by ear. We will count time, find the key and learn the chord progression. We will map the arrangement and the melody. We will also look at adapting the key to suit your voice. I will be demonstrating the use of simple software programs as practice tools.

BLUEGRASS EASY JAM | All instruments welcome!

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A traditional bluegrass jam will often go in a circle…when it comes around to your turn are you ready? Here is a chance to learn a bunch of friendly jamming songs and learn how to prepare for your moment. Learn about keys, time signatures, arrangements, soloing, communication and more. Each week we will play 6 songs and have Q&As.


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Discover your voice and learn techniques to take care of it as an instrument.  This is for all singers, especially those who are new to singing.  Each session will include warm ups, Q&A we will learn the melody for the song that will be studied in the Bluegrass by Ear class.

Want a catalogue of mp3 and video files to help you learn and practice harmony singing?

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